About us

The End-to-End Solution For Nutraceutical Packaging & Fulfillment

Western Packaging is excited to announce its new division, Western Nutraceutical packaging. It is explicitly targeted for nutraceutical products.

This idea evolved from the vision to fill the void in the packaging industry that exists for nutraceutical packaging.

From the first impact of packaging design, filling, and working with the ingredient deck and raw material; specific concerns such as barrier property of the material is essential to product freshness and keeping moisture out.

Our goal is to provide an end-to-end solution that addresses the many components of this specialized industry.

Who We Are

Western Packaging is a privately-owned company with a printing legacy for custom packaging dating back to 1971. We have a passion for packaging total solutions with combined branding, design, printing, and manufacturing experience of over 100 years.

WP has evolved over the years to offer a range of services that help our clients to put their products on the market ultimately. Our mission is to aid brand owners to be competitive and successful. Core values derive from seamless collaboration, partnership, competitive prices, personal assistance, and responsiveness, where each of our clients are treated like number one.