Western Packaging Distribution


What Western Packaging & Distribution’s Fulfillment Center Can Do for You

Western Packaging & Distribution will quickly become one of your most valuable partners when it comes to completing orders. In comparison, we will handle all the tasks that you would typically expect to take on as your own. Such as picking and packing from our warehouse, preparing your shipments, and sending them out for delivery.

These are just a few ways we can help your business.

Product assembly:

We can assemble products that need to before they are shipped to their final destination. All you would need to do is send us the components of the product.

Custom packaging requirements:

We can include special inserts, custom-made packing slips, and other direct marketing materials into the orders so that your customers can remember you. In addition, we work with you to ensure that your branding is properly in place before the delivery.

Sending out retail displays:

If you’re distributing and marketing your products to retail storefronts, you may need to use an eye-catching retail display to go right along with it. Again, we can put these together and send them along with the store shipments so everything is in place.

Create and maintain SKU database:

If keeping up with the product SKUs has been an issue, we can also take over these duties. For example, if they find a product without a corresponding SKU, they can assign it one before shipping.

Sync data with your retail inventory:

Real-time data integration between the fulfillment center’s backend systems and your shopping cart solutions means that you never have to worry about your inventory levels being reported inaccurately.