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Printing :

Our Western Team will help you manage from start to finish your custom packaging using the best printing method suited for your project, whether is digital, flexographic, rotogravure or offset. We will ensure the art is optimized for specific materials, printing method and filling machine platform.

Digital Printing :

Is an evolving printing process that has risen in popularity with low volume runs and seasonal packaging productions. It doesn’t require plates or set up waste with a minimum quantity of 1,000 allowing for reduced costs and lead times. Its quality has grown with technical improvement of CMYK color mixes being able to match a higher number of Pantone inks for full color jobs. Digital printing can help any business launch a product with ease. Throughout the year it can help a product identify with consumers faster, resulting in more sales.

Flexographic Printing :

Utilizes flexible plates that transfer the inks onto almost any type of flexible substrates. Film can be printed using a reverse printing process or surface-printed paper using foil or film materials with up to 10 colors. Flexography uses water based and UV curable inks offering great print quality for 4-color process and Pantone matching colors. It is mostly suitable for high-volume printing and for custom packaging that requires special effects and finishes many times impossible to achieve with digital printing. High volume flexography is more cost effective. Products that can be printed using flexography are: Shrink sleeves, pouches, pressure sensitive labels.

Rotogravure Printing :

It is a high-speed high-quality printing process. An image is engraved onto a cylinder and like flexographic printing uses a rotary printing press. It is mostly used for high-volume printing in packaging. It delivers full range of tonal values in photographs and the cylinders can last for millions of impressions. Its cost is higher than other printing methods and it is not cost effective for short runs.

Offset Printing :

It is more commonly used for paperboard packaging and is a technique in which an image is transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket and then to the printing surface. It is mostly suited for economically producing large volumes of high quality images. Offset printing provides color consistency using different color models. It can be used for producing point of purchase or collateral materials to support your flexible packaging needs.

Artwork :

Western Packaging is equipped with a full staff Graphcis and Prepress Department

We have set up a how to on our Artwork Setup page, if you need help setting up your files for print.