Western Packaging Distribution


Printing :

Our Western Team will help you manage your project from start to finish your custom packaging using the best printing method suited for your project, whether is digital, flexographic, rotogravure or offset. We will ensure the art is optimized for specific materials, printing method and filling machine platform.

Learn more about our printing methods here.

Packaging Types :

We offer everything from Stand-up Pouches, to Folding Cartons, to Sticks Packs, and everything inbetween on a multiude of different types of material. We have material for every use, from How-2-Recycle approved material to your basic structures.

Learn more about our packaging options here.


Contract Packaging, also known as Co-Packing, is the overall process of assembling a product or good into its final finished packaging. Contract Packaging can be a simple or complex process as it is customized according to the specific scope of the product packaging.

Learn more about our Co-Packing options here.

Artwork :

Setting up your files can be confusing at times. You might find yourself asking, “what program should I use?” or “how do I know if I need to use Pantone Colors (PMS) vs CMYK?”. The best answer is to always contact your printer, as they will either send you their artwork guidelines or have you contact someone in pre-press.

Find our artwork guidelines here.